Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Magus Avium

A family group of Marsh Wrens including fledglings is pictured below.

According to ancient Celtic lore, the wren was considered to be the "king of birds" and believed to have prophetic abilities. Supposedly one could learn about the future by attentively listening to the wren's song. Wrens were called the magus avium which means "magic bird."  However...

...for many years this beautiful little bird was hunted and killed on December 26th. Since the wren was seen as a sacred bird to the early druid people it was targeted by christians as a pagan symbol. Young "christian" boys were rewarded with money for killing and parading the dead birds impaled on sticks from house to house. This is just another sad example of senseless cruelty created by humans in the name of religion.

"He who shall hurt the little wren, shall never be beloved by men." ~ William Blake

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